Green screen software gives you the look of a professional photographer whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist. One click software will remove one background and replace it with a background of your choice.
No wonder our world is messed up...
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 The reason our polar caps are melting

"Hey, who left the plants in the pool again..."

You are going to love this software....I was taking part in the Blog Action Day and was going to use these pictures on my other site but ran out of time. 
Being a die-hard film photographer I have resisted the "need' to switch to digital anything.

However, using this green screen software saved me about 10 hours of work.  It's especially difficult when working with anything that has hair.  All I did was load up my two images and click, click and voilá, instant perfect picture.


I could not believe how little time it took.  I sure wish I had this software when I was doing photography full time.  If you want to check out the product site for Green Screen Wizard click the link, otherwise you can learn more about green screen techniques on my green screen software page where I’m testing different chroma key software.

A good business to be in is children photography.  Every parent wants their child’s picture from the time they’re born to the time they leave home and sometime, beyond.  It gives them pictures to enjoy throughout their child’s life.

Parents also bring in their children for special occasions.  Most holidays such as Christmas and Easter are always a good time to have a picture taken of kids.  If you have plenty of clients these photographic opportunities can bring in a nice income. Using green screen software can help you get those clients.

Green screen software will help your photo sales.  Since you’ll have everything on hand it won’t cost the parents anymore for the sitting.  Use these 3 ways to produce amazing photographs without it costing the parents an arm and leg for the picture.

1. Kids always want to be something when they are growing up and when asked the old age questions “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is going to bring answers like a fireman, astronaut, policeman, actor, or even a fashion model. 

Use a green screen background to take a shot of the child dressed in their favorite profession then use the software to put them on a fire truck, motorcycle, or in a movie set.  Be sure to have a few common items around like a fire hat, cowboy hat or police uniform.

2. Everyone knows what refrigerator art is so it’s easy to offer a service to use the kids art and put it on in an art gallery or a centerpiece at a museum.  If the child is into sports it’s easy to use chroma key or green screen to place the child in the Football Hall of Fame or an art gallery standing next to their art.

3.  Use themes whenever you can!  All children have their little fantasies of helping Harry Potter or Spiderman catch the villain.  Use this to place them in the action of that fantasy.  You can also put them in the middle of the dessert or the jungle hunting villains or looking for wildlife.

Use your imagination to create more ways to use green screen software. There’s no limit to the possibilities.